2016 Eligibility Post

I've Come to Marry the Princess

Lightspeed Magazine, November 2016. 5860 words.


Before Jack can apologize to Nancy, she has to believe that dragons exist.

Nancy's mad at him because they were supposed to perform a skit at the talent show and he stood her up. They've been practicing it for two summers. It's called "I've Come to Marry the Princess." When Jack didn't show, Nancy had to go on stage all by herself. He didn't ditch her on purpose; his dragon egg was hatching and he needed to be there. Jack thinks Nancy would forgive him if he told her this, but she hasn't given him the chance.

Nancy said her parents would give him a ride home at the end of camp this year and he doesn't know if the offer is still good. He hopes it is. It would give him a chance to apologize, the two of them sitting on the gray velvet bench seat of her mother's station wagon, the baby dragon between them.

"I told you dragons were real," Jack would say.

"Dragons eat people, you know."

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